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AARP Match
Greg AbbeFrederick E Abbe & Gordon K Hurd
Kathyleen Abbott-MayerAlfred Marsh
David Acocella
Bryan Acree
Christine G Adamo
Nelson Adams
Rebekah Adams
Robert Adamski
Jon Adland
LCDR Michael Agresti
Richard AhlstromCarl F. Ahlstrom III
Esraa Dawoud Al Qallaf
Giovanni AlabisoCesidio Coletti
Paul Albergo
Joshua Alberry
James AldermanCpl Tommie P. Alderman
Treasurer Ja Ann Alderman
Greg AlexanderMy Grandfather. Allen "Jake" Alexander.
Martha AlisonSeldon Howe Murray, my uncle, who died at Rouen from Spanish flu/pneumonia. He died Oct 21, 1918. he was from Liberty, MO.
All American Riders
Kimberly Alldread
Barbara AllenCharles Bridey, WW2
Brian Allen
Connie AllenHenry Tureman Allen
James AllenEdward butler
Taylin AllenRoscoe BledsoenVictor C. Lee 1887-1918. Killed in action the night of November 9th shortly after crossing the Meuse River, an action for which he would receive the D S C
William Allen
Matt & Cindy Allgood
Georgia AllisonWm. H Litton, Earl Miller
Kenneth AllisonOliver Lasher
Alphonse Yelle Post No. 9, The American Legion
Michael AltyMy great grandfathers
American Legion - Summers Whitehead Post 14
American Legion 44
American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 16
American Legion China Post 1
American Legion Department of Ohio
American Legion Joseph Gallipeau Post 294
American Legion Pittsburgh Police Post 710
American Legion Post 148
American Legion Post 18
American Legion Post 20
American Legion Post 360American Legion Post 360<br /> <br /> Waunakee, WI 53597
American Legion Post HCC
American Legion Rider St. Helen
American Legion Riders of WI Dist 1
American Legion SPAM Post 570
American Legion Treumann-Webb-Phelps POST #6-GF
Debra Anderson
Dennis AndersonJoseph Otto Turley, USMC, WIA 11-11-18, D 11-12
Ian Anderson
Kristofer Anderson
Ms Betsy AndersonGuy Ellis Musser
Richard AndersonHarry A. AndersonnTHE AMERICAN DOUGHBOYS
Treasurer Meg Anderson
William Anderson1st Lt. William M. Rosson, Cdr. Co. A, 305th Infantry, 77th Div.
Wendy Andruschak
Mike & Jennifer AnglinPvt. Calvin C. RogersnPvt. Earl Lemna
Anne Simpson Davis Chapter DAR
Scott AnthonyKenneth G. AnthonynCoporal Kenneth G. Anthony, US Marines, 2nd Division, 6th Regiment, 2nd Battalion, 95th Company
Carole Anzivino
Carolyn Appel
Thomas AppletonMrs. Edith Nichols GlennannDr. Charles P. Roland
Applied Engineering Management Corporation
Scott ArceneauxCurtis Boozman, Sr.
Dale ArcherBob Archer, father and veteran
Andrew ArendsArt Arends, Pvt, 125th MG BN
Margaret ArendsArthur John Arends
Matthew ArensonAxel Anderson H company 343rd infantry Regiment 86th infantry Division
George Arfken...nor snow. nor dark of night...
Virginia Argeros
Arkadelphia Chapter DARArkadelphia Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution -- for all WWI Vets
Christopher ArlottaMartin Treptow and Henry Rao
Edward C. Armbrecht
Glen Armstrong
Chris & Connie Army
Irvin ArnoldIrvin Gilbert Arnold
Tiffany ArredondoLeslie Chick
Wanda ArthurJoel Talbot Arthur, KIA, Meuse-Argonne, 11/5/1918nWilliam Reeves/Joel Arthur
Laurence & Theresa Ashbacher
William Ashbrook
Donald AspdenDonald Minto Aspden
Amy AtaoReggie Hall
Lisa A. Atkins
Atlanta Kiwanis Club
Ms. Louise AtteridgAlbert Van Nederynen and George Stockton Atteridg
Robert AtwellRussell Tipton Spratt
Lisa AugThomas Aug
Carson L. AustinCarson William (Shorty) Austin
Auxilliary to Tri City Evergreen VFW Post 2298
Bruce AyerMelvin G. Ayer
Natalie Baeza
Wilbur BagleyPvt Lloyd R Bagley
Amelia BaileySgt. Christopher S. Purser, 6th Special Forces Group, 1SFG Airborne (1968-71)
Matthew Bailey
Robert & Nancy Bailey
Michael Baird
George R Bakalar
Heather Bakas
Diane BakerFred L. Benline
Dianne BakerLloyd Charles Maynard ,WW1 ArmyPolar Bears 339 85th Div. Co B
Mariellen Baker
Robert BakerPvt William E. Baker, Lucasville & Dayton OH, AEF Army 30th Div 117th Inf Co I, KIA France 7 Oct 1918
Luiza Baker-Oyler
Commander Ted BalbierzMilton J. Brounshidle, Private, United States Army. Private Brounshidle was Killed in Action on September 28, 1918 in St. Mihel, France. As such, he was Kenmore, New York's first World War One casualty.
Mrs. Meghan BaldridgeMargaret Chase Smith and all of the brave men and women from Maine who served during The Great War.
Mr. Stan Balduccithe guys and women that served
Balfour-Cole Post #64, American Legion
Noah BalisThe brave Men and Women who concluded the war in Europe at the cost of their own lives. The people who make me proud to call myself an American.
Cliff Balkam
Janet BaltasGeorge Cerruti
Joan BanezMarion Pepe
Mr. Judd BankertKate B. Cook
Michael BantaLloyd L Banta
Edward BarawAll the men and women that served in WW1
Jason BarberThe 30th Division (Old Hickory), NCNG
Joseph BarbieriBernard Joseph Barbieri, sgt 1st class, Base Hospital #9, Chateauroux, France, 1917-1919
Governor Haley Barbour
Ms. Christine Barbuto
Janice Barker
John Barnes
Elizabeth BarnettBert and Bernet Swanson, WWI Army Veterans
Zachary Barnhart
Eimar BarrMy granduncle Private Hugh Barr, Company G, 26th Infantry Regiment, 1st Division, who died from wounds at Cantigny, 8 June 1918.
Cathleen BarrowsGene Feeney
Kenneth & Susan Bartl
Wallace K Bartlett
Stephanie Bartoli
Robert & Elizabeth BartonEveryone who served
Basque River Valley Chapter, NSDAR
Barbara BassAll who served
Joseph Basset
Daniel Basta
Clifford BathPut. William Bath Killer in France 1918
Mario & Ann BattagliaGeorge H Heacox
Kemp BattleMr. Miller
Michelle BaumanThe Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin
Rita BaumgartJohn C. McCullough and Brothers
Corky Baumgartner/WelchWelch/Baumgartner ancestors
Judith Baxter
Pamela BaxterPvt Dan Baxter 167 Inf 42nd Div Killed in France 9/18/1918
Ms. Tina BeairdSgt. Angus LeRoy McDonald 45th C.A.C.
Charles BeansSamuel B Shook, my grandfater
Thomas BeattyLulis E. Lanham
Mr. James BeciaThe soldiers who made and keep us free.
Patricia BeciaThe 116,516 Americans who perished
Donald Beck
Russell BeckerCarl Jorgensen
Carla Beckom
Jacquelynn Beebe
Eric BeebyThe 314th of the 79th Division
Mrs. Joanne Begert
Laurie Behn
Marijke Bekaert
Frank & Diane Belbonis
Pamela Bellwar dogs
Sandra BellDrew R. Jeffrey
Scott S BellDa Vinci High School's WWI Museum Night Project
William BellaisPVT John Arthur Beauchamp, U.S. Army, Field Artillery
John J Bello
Cathleen BelmonteVincent James Riotto
Dale M Benedict
Bruce N. Benedon
Robert BengstonJohn W. BenstonnByron L. Keagle
Rita Sue BennettJetter Butler Lackey and Lenis Susan Lackey, my grandparents
Virginia Bennett
Judith BensonEmmett L. Gainey
Mark BergIrvin Berg
Carl Berger
David Berger
Todd Berger
Donastacia Alleene Ferguson BergeronArthur Allen Ferguson
Nancy BergmanMartin a EricksonnAlfred Martinson
John, Elizabeth, Ian, & Daniel Bernal
Mr. Charles Bernholz
Edward BernreuterPfc. William John Bernreuter, Co.E, 125 Inf. Rgt., 32nd Div.
Susan BerryHenry Otto Seipp
Daniel BertelPFC Charles Raymond Stewart, 11 Infantry, 10 Division, died Oct 13, 1918
Bertha Hereford Hall Chapter, NSDARAll the men and women who served in the military in WWI.
Commander George BesseThe post's namesake Everett Ray Seymour who was the first Ridgefield resident to die in battle.
Jerry Best
Eugene J BiancheriEugene Biancheri, US Army 1917-1919 Purple Heart Recipent - 1932
David Biel
Carol BielamowiczAll who served in WWI
Mary Jane BielenFrank Eldridge Thomas Eldridge
Big Cypress Chapter NSDARPatriots who lost their lives in WWI to protect our freedoms.
Thomas Biggar
Michael Billings
Michelle BirchfieldAll those who served, survived and sacrificed so much...Lest We Forget
Michael Bishop
Robyn & Allen Bishop
Mr. Robert BissiriMy fathers WW1 4100generation
Kenneth Black
William BlairAll Involved Militarily.
Les BlandLuther Tillery- WWI Infantryman
Rob BlankEdward C. Polson
Dawn Blass
Virginia BlitzSelmer Martin Johnson, Sr, M.D.
Rachael Blomquist
Marcy L Bloom
Commander Roger Bobby
Janet BobbyHonor Leon R. Mix 32nd Div 120th MGun 63rd Brigade
Laura BobulaMartin Kilbane
Brandt Bock
James Boehm
Daniel J. BoehmkePvt Edward C. Boehmke, , US Army, WWI, Company A, 107th Supply Train, 32nd Infantry Div (1917-1919)
David Boettcher
Charles Boettger
Boris Bogomilov
Mariepaule & Francois BograndEducation
Pat & Don Bohnwagner
Jan BolesAll who fought and died for my freedoms today
Ron BollerVic Capets
James BonkJames C. Bonk Sr. - World War I Veteran
George BoothCol. Maynard Booth WWII POW BATAAN
Wayne Booth
Matthew Borders
Jo BordingerRoy C. Sweet
William BorerPVT. Daniel J. Mitchell
R Boronski
Zachary BostionJohn J. Oseski Sr. and Charles A. Rinehart
Chris BostonWorld War I soldier Everett C. Burton KIA in the Argonne Forest
Suellen BowersockFerry Reginold Saunders
Judy F BowmanStanley Lee Bowman
Randall BowmanMy grandfather, Private Harry James Bowman, U.S. Army, 1917-1919, from NC
Sergeant Barry Randall 'Doc' Bowman USA Ret.First Lt. Phineas Munsell Randall AID-de camp BG D. Altman
Jordan Boyd
Leigh Boyes
Thomas BozekJoseph Drociak who served in WWI, Died Feb 22, 1947, from Manchester, NH via Poland
Heath Brabazon
Peter BradishCarl Frederick Ohlman
Lauren & Rory Bradley
William BradleyRollin O. SanfordnJohn Alden Voorhees Sawyer - WW 2 Army Air Corps 8/24/45
Dallin BradshawRodney Bradshaw
J. Robert Bradshaw
Susan Bragg
Cindy BrandolinoErhart E. Mau
Robert BrantleyRobert John Taylor
Robert BrathuneSergeant Charles R. Clubb
Kiefer BraunAll the soldiers and sailors of all nations.
Joseph BrazielWiley M. Braziel
Janice Ho Brazil
Thomas BreakeyEdwin Thomas Breakey
Charles Breaux
Kelly Breitbach
Tom Brennen
Susan Brenner
Jeremiah Brenning
Dallas Brewer
Martha F Brewer
VADM David BrewerMy grandfather, Sylvester Calhoun
Timothy BrezaVincent Breza
Jacob BridgwaterDuane and Vicki Bridgwater
Brighton Prime Rib Club
Joy BrillAll who served
Patricia Brinkley
James & Laree Brock
Louis M Brock
Cory BrockmannWalter H. Brockmann
William BroderickSgt. William Henry Broderick, Jr., Company B, 107th U.S. Infantry, 27th Division U. S. Army. Silver Star, Purple Heart.
Thomas BrogrenGlenn A Erickson
Dorothy BrommMy father - Albert J Shea - who was drafted into W.W. One from Nyach, NY. He was a private in the Army - serving in England.
James Brookes
Jason BrookmanClifford Green, Cpl. US Army AEF, 326th Inf. Div.
Martha BrooksCarl Willis Brooks/George Albert Brooks
Paul BrooksHenery Liner
Becky & John Bros
Stephen BroughallSeaman Stephen H. Broughall, US Navy
Deborah BrowerDonald Robert Foster
Annette Brown
Beverly BrownLee Ellis Jones
David BrownAlbert Popp
Donald & Judith Brown
Gerard & Alice BrownJoseph E. CaternThe Armistice on November 11, 1918
Heather Brown
Joseph & Maureen Brown
Kenneth Brown
President Nancy Brown
Sherrill Brown
Vic BrownMy Grandfather Kemer H. Runkle
Steven Brown Jr.Warren Brown Sr
Judith Brown-DuPaul
Stephanie Browner
Anton W BruchhauserIrene Ethel Cline and Gertrude Beatrice Cline
Chris Brunette
John BrunnerWilliam Brunner
Mr James Bruno
Candice Brus
Kim Bryan
Mr Lee BryanLee A. Dunn
Daniel BryarsCaptain Tunstall Bryars
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bubelthe men and women who fought in World War I
James BuccellatoPvt Jerry Peluso
Kristin Buch
Kirsten BuckstaffJohn Day Buckstaff
Robert Buderi
James BuehnerJames McKenna
John BugardiGeneva Protocol 1925
Andy BullenRobert Whitefield Bullen II
Robert BullisEverard J Bullis 5th Marines
Denise BullockSteve Hartnett, Byron McNIckle, Kenneth Volker, Bruce Hartnett, Tracy & Judy Williams Algrim: my Vietnam Veteran cousins
MCPO (USCG - ret) James BunchUSS Tampa
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel & Sheree Bunye
Ms. Jenifer Burckett-PickerMy dad, Douglas Burckett, WWI veteran
Patricia BurdettRobert Alexander Gilmer
Liz Burdick
Maryanne BurgessMose Rutues Sr.
Brian BurkeJames Mallory
Brian Burke
Michael BurkeFrancis A. Burke
Suzanne BurkePFC John Rufus Burke
Guy BurnettEarl Roy Burnett
Jesse BurnetteThe lost but never forgotten fallen...
Marshall Burnette
Bruce J Burns
Carlton BurnsHorace Garside Till
Eric BurnsBehka Nelson
Trudy Burns
Bertha BusockerErvin Ulshafer who served during Viet Nam
Laurie ButtonWalter Wave Miguel
Michael Buxton
Stewart & Sandra CahnLynne Dayton
Jim Cain
Roberta CaitoHarry E. Reno, US Army 1917-1919
Barbara CalabreseCharles LaBold
Sue CalderonGary Lloyd Knight
Kevin Cale
Mr Paul CallensRalph Talbot and Robert Guy Robinson - Medal of Honor - Pittem/Pittham 1918
Marcia Callicotte
Phyllis CampbellGeorge Miller
William Campbell
Timothy Canfield
Charles CanningRobert McLain Canning
Ellen CanovaJohn Booth and Francis Lester Sullivan
Theresa CanterJohn Sak, Pvt, US Army Expeditionary Force
Judy K Cantrell
Susan Caolo
Andrew CapetsPvt Andrew A. Capets, 313th Machine Gun Bn, 80th DivisionnJames M Hanley Fighting Chaplain of the 69thnThanks Mark Kirkham for helping the Zooniverse WW1 Burial Card Project.
Victor V. Capets
Kimberly Cappadona
Peter Cappadona
Captain Nathaniel Mills Chapter, DAR
Karen CARELLAHarold O Jorgensen. Merchant Marine(1940-1945) 1910-1980 R.I.P.
RADM James CareySGT Robert Emmett Carey, U.S. Army, WW I
Thomas Carey
Gary CarlbergJulian Fardal
Emily Carlinmy Grandfathers William Erastus Taylor and James Miller Sayles who both fought in WW I
Henry James Carlin
Dale CarlowAll who gave their lives
Leslie Carlson
Jason Carola
Ann CarpenterCarl Clifton Wheeler
Jenni Carpenter
Mrs. Meredith CarrCol. Jefferson Henry Fulton, my great grandfather.
Sarah Carr
Tara Carr
Thomas CarrElmer CarrnDr. James Gray Carr, born July 22, 1876, WWI veteran and beloved physician in Coshocton, Ohio.
Tom & Judy CarrMeredith Stencil Carr
John R. CarringtonCpl. John Martin Carrington
John Carroll
Colin CarterPvt Jesse Shaw, 127th infantry Bgde, 30th Div, AEF
Laura Carter
William CarterMilford D Barrus
Evelyn CartwrightEmily Schell Jones
Elizabeth Caruth
Ralph Casado
Marianne M. CaseyJohn F. Casey, Sr.
Mark CashJohn Doe
John Casto
Karl CastroErnest A. Castro
Michele Catanzaro
John Cate
Henry CervantesPvt Alvie R. Odom 3086053
John CervenkaCornelius J. Murphy 2nd Pioneer Inf
Stewart Chan
Jeffrey Chandler
Mary Chase
Maggie ChatmanSamuel G. Elliston, Sr.nWilliam Redus
Omar Chavez
Larry CheevesWilliam August Machenheimer
Mr. Lawrence Cherney
Yvonne CheyneySolomon Buffman
Justin ChiarodoAndrew N. Chiarodo
Paul ChiaviniPvt. 1/c Reuben Freitas, 39th Infantry
Rosalie ChiricoVictor Casaretti
Wayne C Chitwood
Lawrence ChlumPvt Howard N Wells
Susan ChristensenJesse Warren Sutton
David ChristianThe Christians & Meyers - The did their duty and then some.
Irvin ChristopherLynne Dayton (from Chris and Joann Yuan Tian Christopher)nPVT Eugene Michael McGrath, USAnJames William Crane, US Army - supporting Doughboy MIAnEllen Shire
Chudnow Museum of YesteryearThe men and women who served in WWI from Milwaukee, WI.
Barbara J Church
Sherry ChurchillThomas Measures Hunter
Marco Ciavolino
Ms Yolanda CifarelliFrank Cifarelli WW1 vet
Antonetta CincottaCincotta-Dykeman family
Russell Cinque Jr.
Civil War Round Table of Milwaukee, Inc.
Eileen ClaffyLTCMDR Stanley Phillip Tracht
Wanda Claflin
Cynthia M ClarkLyman W. Clark, Battery E, 149th Field Artillery
Donald Clark
Douglas ClarkColeman and Salter Clark
Janet ClarkMy grandfather, Daniel Greaney USMC 1/6 74th WWI Veteran.nThe Armistice on November 11, 1918nPvt.Patrick A. Shannon USMC 3/5 20th
Jess ClarkThose whom served in WWI
Mr. Charles Clark
Tracy Clark
Dr. Robert Clarke
Ellen ClarkeSgt. John H. Clarke, First American Army
Mary Clarke
Robert Clarke28th DIVISION - The Bloody Bucket
Carol Clausen
Harold ClausenForrest M. Boyd
Harold H Clausen
Harold & Robin Clausen & KilpatrickChris and Sherri Hamby
Michael ClaytonJohn Clayton PFC AECnMy grand-uncle, Frederick H. Clayton, from Essex Country, New Jersey. He proudly served in the AEF. His maternal grandparents were of German origin. Like so many others, he was a patriotic American.
David CleggHarold Taylor
Jeff ClemensHayden Fostern1st LT James Britt JourneynCaptain John C. CattusnErnie PylenMajor Jessie W. WooldridgenErwin RommelnLaurence StallingsnLee AnthonynAmelia EarhartnGeneral U. G. McAlexandernErnest HemingwaynPFC Joseph T. Angelo (The Soldier that saved Patton)nLouis Shutsy (KIA Great War)nSgt Verne M. Hills (Great War)nEdith Louisa Cavell (British nurse executed by the Germans 1915)n1st LT Frank Luke, Jr. (MOH Great War)nSergeant Henry Johnson, 369th Infantry Regiment, "Harlem Hell-Fighter" Medal Of Honor Recipient.nAubrey Leon Compton, Silver Star Recipient, Medic, KIA Meuse-Argonne Offensive 1918.nAddison Andrew Deyerle, Roanoke, Virginia, KIA Meuse-Argonne Offensive 1918.nCarl Hugh Broughman, Roanoke, Virginia, KIA Meuse-Argonne Offensive 1918.nLT Daniel Clovis Moomaw, U. S. Army, KIA France, 1918.nMr. Frank Buckles, The Last American Doughboy, (1901-2011).nJOHN GILBERT "TEX" RANKINnHelen Bulovsky (Nurse AEF, France, Home Of Record Wisconsin)nThe Former Walter Reed Gray Ladies Nurses & Their WW I Memorial Chapel For The Glory Of GodnClara O. Davis, Lillian M. Marini, Beatrice May Nye (U.S. Army Nurse Corps)n1st Sergeant Sam Dreben, 141st Infantry (DSC)
Daniel Clements
Oliver Walter Clemons Jr.Pvt. Hardie Clemons, 27th Pioneer Infantry
Kathleen CliffordPatrick W. Finley and Frederick L Callahan
Karl ClineFrancis Draper U.S. Army, In France; Hettie Draper, Army Nurses Corp. In France Grandfather & Great Aunt (Sister & Brother
Ryan Close
Anna ClusterWilliam Charles Schwieker, Jr.(Company A , 313 Infantry)
Terry ClymerPvt. Lawrence W. Swanson
Coalition of Veterans Organizations
Rebecca CocolisReuben Jasperson and Fred Winter - my grandfathers and WW1 veterans
Dane CoffmanRalph E. Coffman US Army 1917-1919 & Paul David Coffman USMC 1917-1920
1LT Barry Cohen
Jay CohenCapt. Dan Dayton USN (ret.)
Milen Cokrlic JrCokrlic family
Thomas ColantuonoMy Grandfather, Stanley Colantuono (1897-1979), A Navy Veteran from WWI and WWII.
Diana Cole
Lorraine Cole
Carolyn Cole KingstonMajor Edward B. Cole
Amy ColemanSiegfried Herford
John Colgan
Alice Collins
Suzen Collins
Annamaria Colucci-OniealElueterio Colucci
James Columbia
Wade Colwell
Andrea Combs
Marshal CominskyPeter McDonough
Katherine CompagnoJoseph Lorenz, Private 1st Class, Co C, Machine Gun Battalion
Gary & Deirdre Condon
Nancy Conley EverardJohn James Conley
Charles Connell
William ConnellWilliam A. Connell & Royle W. Cramond
Chris ConnellyPeter A Connelly
Matt Conner
Alexander ConradRobert Karl Conrad Sr.
Carmela Conti
Mark Conti
Jacquelyn Cook
Andrea CooperCorporal Young Virgil Cooper
Gail CooperEdward CoopernRobert Edward Biddle in honor of his 95th birthday.
William CopherMarjorie Hulsizer Copher/Lowell Johnson/Ralph Copher
James Coquat
Kristin CorcoranJohn C. Barber
Ann Veronica CordesMY FATHER - JOHN FREDRICK CORDES Wagoner, Battery D, 17th Field Artillery WWI (France/Germany)
Jonathan CorleyAll of my 82nd Airborne brothers who came before me and served in WWI.
T. Thomas CottinghamThomas Rhodes Cottingham
Diana Quinn CottonPfc Henry Eugene Quinn USA 1st Division DSC SS 2PHnPfc Henry Eugene Quinn DSC SS 2PH
Nancy Coughlan
Mr Ed Counelis
David Cousins
Kathryn CousinsRay Bolton Dame
Patty Coutts-bagnallWilliam A. Coutts
Ms Faith CoverUARK Architectural Design students
Patricia CowgerAdamo Polidori
Andra Cowles
Stephanie Cox
Edward Cox Jr.MSgt Edward Jan CoxnAll those who served
David Craig
John and Rose Marie CreanPrivate Alexander DeMeo, Company I, 51 Pioneer Infantry, U.S. Army, July 1918 - July 1919
Karyl CreanEnoch Clyde Jarvis
Robert Creekmore
Eleanor Crisci
Patricia CritchlowCol. A. Piatt Andrew
Frank Croce
Tod, Cindy, Cole & Logan CrockerJuanita Hamby.
Elizabeth CrookhamSabin HowardnJuanita Lackey
Lawrence Croomjerald t. scott
Cheryl Cropp
John R CrosiarChester Roy Davis, 1894-1980
Howard Cross
Cross Timbers Chapter NSDAR
Frederick Crown
Yvonne Shelton CrumplerPrivate Hannibal B. SheltonnHannibal Beecher Shelton
Lorie Culham
Melinda CulponJohn Dosch
Byron CumminsRobert Victor Cummins
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