Explore the WWI Memorial

A Memorial of the 21st Century

Located on America’s Main Street, just one block from the Washington Monument, the WWI Memorial offers opportunities for both personal reflection and public engagement.

Overlooking all is the Belvedere. It contains a series of panels on the history of the war, offers ways for visitors to access innovative World War I Memorial apps, and gives heartfelt credit to the generous donors who have helped make this vision a reality.

This is the only memorial in Washington DC that includes space for the contemplation of peace. The Memorial’s Peace Fountain, facing west, is a waterfall flowing over “The Young Dead Soldiers Do Not Speak,” a poem by Archibald MacLeish.

In the southeast corner, the statue of John J. Pershing General of the Armies stands flanked by maps and descriptions of the major battles of the war.

Enjoy a day at the WWI Memorial from home! Click on the video below to explore.


LAST BATTLE is a remarkable documentary about how the WWI Memorial finally happened.
Told through the words of those who made “the impossible plausible,” LAST BATTLE is a compelling tale of a unique bipartisan vision brought to life by a diverse coalition of Americans who overcame all odds to deliver a stunning achievement.

“You want to know what our democracy is all about? It functions because people have the patience and the dedication to try to get something done in the face of every possible barrier. But because they have the determination to keep going, that’s how we pass laws. That’s how we make changes. That’s how we solve problems. And ultimately, it’s how you build memorials.”

–The Honorable Leon E. Panetta, 23rd Secretary of Defense

WWI Interactive Apps

Two innovative apps have been created to enhance the WWI Memorial visitor experience. One is designed for use at home or in the classroom, and the other is for use at the WWI Memorial site.

The WWI Memorial VIRTUAL EXPLORER App provides an AR (augmented reality)-driven, virtual field trip to the Memorial from anywhere in the world.

The WWI Memorial VISITOR GUIDE allows Memorial visitors to explore a vast variety of WWI AR objects as they visit the 1.8-acre park-like site. Objects include WWI planes and tanks, a 50-foot timeline tower, and virtual kiosk screens that help bring story of the war to life.


*Click to access, or simply search for “WWI Memorial” on your mobile device’s store.

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Photo courtesy of Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy