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A Brotherhood of Veterans Reunites a Doughboy’s Family with a Treasured Keepsake

Discovered in a shop in Oregon, a Doughboy’s worn New Testament in a shotgun ammo pouch has found its way back to his descendants through a chain of determined veterans.

By |2022-10-27T13:59:26-04:00October 27, 2022|WWI Today|0 Comments

Wreath Laying at the National WWI Memorial Honors General Pershing’s Birthday

September 13, 2022 was the 162th birthday of General John J. Pershing, leader of the American Expeditionary Force that entered World War I and broke the stalemate that had devastated Europe.

By |2022-11-04T11:28:46-04:00October 27, 2022|WWI Today|0 Comments

America’s World War I Monument Gets Its Crowning Touch

One false move, and the clay figure he's spent 1,500 hours sculpting could crack. For a sculptor, that's a disaster equivalent to Gallipoli, or the Somme. "I'm going into battle," says Sabin Howard. "It's a critical moment.”

By |2022-11-04T12:04:52-04:00October 27, 2022|WWI Today|0 Comments

The Epic Vision Driving ‘A Soldier’s Journey’

When sculptor Sabin Howard’s ‘A Soldiers Journey’ is installed at the World War I Memorial in 2024, it will become the largest freestanding high relief bronze in the western hemisphere. A master figurative sculptor and authority on modern classicism, Sabin reflects on his methods, vision for the work and approach as an artist to the theme of war.

By |2022-10-27T10:21:11-04:00October 27, 2022|WWI Today|0 Comments

A New ‘Highway to History’ in Pennsylvania

Dr. Frank Erdman Boston was an honored WWI Veteran, hospital founder and the first African American Doctor to become a member of the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States. Once forgotten by history, his memory has been rekindled by the people of Pennsylvania.

By |2022-10-27T10:29:28-04:00October 27, 2022|WWI Today|0 Comments

The Doughboy Foundation and Verizon Deliver the Lessons of WWI to a New Generation

Leveraging innovative digital resources, comprehensive and compelling WWI education for young adults is now available on the Verizon Innovative Learning portal. Teaching and Learning Resources with supporting teacher guides, student worksheets, primary sources and video documentaries are free to educators.

By |2023-03-10T00:14:55-05:00October 27, 2022|WWI Today|0 Comments

‘Remarkable’ bond of horse and officer who rode through war together

More than 100 years after the end of the First World War, new details have emerged about a horse from Angus and her rider who fought in some of the conflict’s most infamous battles.

By |2023-03-28T14:48:15-04:00October 26, 2022|All of Us, Over There|0 Comments
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