Submit Your Story of Service

The person can be a member of your family, or perhaps someone you have discovered as part of a classroom or other organizational project.

4.7 million American men and women wore the uniform during WWI, including 2 million who served overseas. 375,000 became casualties, including 116,516 who gave their all. Uncounted others supported the war effort on the home front. From factories to farms, in shipyards and hospitals, in communities large and small across the length and breadth of the nation, all contributed.

Their Stories of Service must not be forgotten.

Your submission is a priceless part of our history. It will be recorded in the permanent record of the Doughboy Foundation, while appearing on this website and in the WWI Memorial Apps.

Don’t Know Where to Start?

Download the free WWI Genealogy Research Guide by Debra Dudek as a ‘one stop’ resource to help you discover your ancestor’s story of service.

Preparing your Story of Service

Assembling these stories of service often requires collaboration between family, class and/or organization members. To make this easier, simply download a copy of the “Story of Service” submission form and utilize it as a worksheet.

This worksheet will assist in preparing your story in advance of submission.

Quick Tip: As you research your ancestor’s WWI story, we recommend you print and distribute copies as a handy reference.

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