Forgotten Veterans, Invisible Memorials Now Out in Paperback

Published: 11 December 2023

Special to the Doughboy Foundation web site

Forgotten Veterans, Invisible Memorials Cover framed

Friend of the Doughboy Foundation, historian Allison S. Finkelstein, is excited to share with our readers that her book is now available in paperback. Forgotten Veterans, Invisible Memorials: How American Women Commemorated the Great War, 1917-1945 investigates the groundbreaking role American women played in commemorating those who served and sacrificed in World War I. The book reveals how an overlooked community of women who supported the war effort fought to be recognized for their contributions while pursuing service-based memorialization projects.

From Gold Star mothers to Hello Girls, women take center stage in this innovative history. Winner of the 2022 Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference Arline Custer Memorial Award for best book, reviewers have praised it as “an engaging history” with an “innovative framework for reevaluating the political nature and legacy of American women’s wartime contributions.” Finkelstein previously wrote about the inspiration for her book in an article for the Doughboy Foundation.

The paperback edition significantly reduces the price of the book, making it more accessible to members of the public, students, teachers, and museums. It will be especially useful for university courses on women’s history, war and memory, and public history. The book would also make an excellent addition to museum stores looking to expand their offerings on women and the military.

Most importantly, this more affordable edition of Forgotten Veterans, Invisible Memorials, will help raise more awareness about the pioneering unrecognized female veterans of World War I and give them a more prominent place in American history.

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