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Published: 24 May 2024

By Victor Rivero
via the EdTech Digest website

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During the centennial of World War I, The Doughboy Foundation embarked on an ambitious project to contemporize the way American History of WWI is taught, zeroing in on the transformative era marked by WWI under the theme, “How WWI Changed America.”

Recognizing a critical gap in middle/high school curricula—where existing resources were often confined in scope and predominantly Euro-centric—their comprehensive program breaks new ground.

In collaboration with Gilder Lehrman, a cadre of leading US WWI Historians, and Verizon Innovative Learning HQ for distribution, they’ve crafted a multi-modal treasure trove of WWI educational materials available via the Verizon platform.

These include a visual and comprehensive 20-page eBook, “The United States in WWI,” mini-documentaries featuring preeminent WWI scholars, with each episode focused on differing social impacts of WWI, and lesson plans bolstered by primary sources. Additionally, they’ve developed interactive Augmented Reality Apps, offering a virtual tour of the newly established National WWI Memorial in Washington, D.C., thereby modernizing the telling of America’s WWI story in a way that resonates with today’s digital natives.

These resources inject a level of innovation, interactivity, and engagement often reserved for STEM subjects into Social Studies classrooms. Guided by educational standards, the materials are versatile and integrated across various learning environments—public, private, and homeschool settings—without any associated cost.

The developers believe this transformative program sets a new standard for Social Studies education, making history not just informative but bringing it to life.

Their pioneering initiative in creating such an innovative Social Studies program did not go unrecognized. WWI Teaching Resources from The Doughboy Foundation is a Cool Tool Award Winner for “Best Social Studies Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2024 from EdTech Digest.

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