WWI cabin finds home in Verona, VA

Published: 7 February 2023

By Mandy Bartholomew
via the WHSV3 television station (VA) web site

WWI cabin finds home in Verona, VA museum

WWI cabin finds home in Verona VA

A 100 year old cabin is delivered to a museum in Verona, VA.

VERONA, Va. (WHSV) – A piece of history has found a home in the Valley.

A 100-year-old cabin from World War I has been unloaded at the 29th Division Museum in Verona.

“After World War I, it was transported up to Valley Forge and was there until about 2008,” Edmund Potter, curator at the 29th Division Museum said. “The Army was interested in having it again at Fort Meade and then the Army reconfigured its museums and the cabins been sitting in pieces in storage for over a decade.”

Museum officials said they plan to rebuild the cabin and put it inside of a World War I center that is coming to the museum soon.

“We honor citizen soldiers,” Potter said. “The 79th division was a draft division during World War I. It pulled from Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania, so there are people from this area that served in it.”

Artifacts from the war like German helmets, life preservers and the mascot will be displayed with the cabin once the project is complete.

“We saw an opportunity. We could help save history and also educate people not only in the Valley but wider Virginia about World War I and the commitment we made in the war,” Potter said.

The museum hopes to have the World War I structure up by this summer.

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