They Did Their Bit: A Day in the Life of a Yeomanette in WWI

Published: 6 March 2024

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Yomanette snip

The U.S. Navy Yeomanettes of World War I were the first officially recognized female U.S. Navy service members.

Ever heard of the Yeomanettes? These pioneering women were the FIRST officially recognized female U.S. Navy service members. This video dives into their world, exploring what daily life was like for a Yeomanette during World War 1.

From office work to codebreaking: We’ll explore the wide range of duties Yeomanettes undertook, freeing up male sailors for combat.

Trading skirts for uniforms: Discover what the Yeomanette uniform entailed, and the challenges and freedoms it brought.

Life on base: See how these women lived, ate, and socialized in a brand new world.

So for this Women’s History Month, ditch the Doughboys for a day and step into the shoes of a history-making Yeomanette!

Watch the entire video on the History Of Life YouTube channel.
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