Stroud Pangolin Foundry and US Artist build WWI memorial

Published: 4 May 2023

via the BBC News Service (UK) 

Sabin Howard

Mr. Howard said the sculpture was "vast and epic"

A sculpture foundry in Gloucestershire is helping to create a memorial to US servicemen who lost their lives in World War One.

The Pangolin Foundry in Stroud, alongside American sculptor Sabin Howard, has been making a battle scene out of metal.

The project is expected to take several years to complete.

Mr. Howard said the scene was “large, vast and epic” and he hoped it would move people when they saw it.

The sculpture will take several years to complete

“I think that I found the right foundry globally to do a project that’s this clean aesthetically and artistically so it has a meaning for people today that are not necessarily art lovers but just general people from the general populous, so they will have a visceral feeling when they look at it.”

Mr. Kingdon said the project would be very “demanding”

Pangolin Foundry director Rungwe Kingdon said the project has so far been a “very exciting journey”.

“It’s a long journey, so we have to pace ourselves,” he said.

“It’s also a very demanding one because there is an enormous expectation for quality and consistency.”

The sculpture will be erected and unveiled in Washington DC next year.

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