Stabilizing Democracy: The World Wars and Women’s Suffrage

Published: 25 April 2024

via the MacArthur Memorial website

Women’s Suffrage

Wars unleash forces that are difficult to predict or control. World War I and World War II were both periods of crisis and change, and in the case of the United States and Japan, this environment would create irrefutable arguments in favor of women’s suffrage in both countries.

It was impossible to make the world safe for democracy if you disenfranchised half your population – and you could not have a stable modern democracy if half your citizens were not represented.

The MacArthur Memorial has curated a series of resources designed to help students explore the ties between the world wars and suffrage movements in the United States and Japan.

Produced by the MacArthur Memorial, this 12-minute film explores how the world wars of the twentieth century accelerated the fight for suffrage in the United States and Japan.

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