Sculpture for US National World War I memorial completed in Stroud

Published: 23 June 2024

By Clara Bullock & Audrey Dias, BBC News, Gloucestershire
via the BBC website

BBC photo Stroud

"A Soldier's Journey" depicts five scenes and 38 human figures.

A sculpture depicting America’s role in World War One has been finished at a foundry in Gloucestershire.

The sculpture called “A Soldier’s Journey,” has been bronzed at the Pangolin Foundry in Stroud over the last 10 years and will form the centrepiece of the first national World War One memorial in Washington, D.C.

The 60ft long and 10ft high frieze depicts five scenes and 38 human figures.

“A Soldier’s Journey” be officially unveiled in September in Washington.

Sabin Howard, the sculptor, said: “You walk from left to right and the story unfolds.

“The figures are super dynamic and they’re all emotional, telling a story about a father, a soldier and an allegory of the United States.”

Sabin Howard sculpted the memorial

Actors flew in from the United States to help create the sculpture and make it as life-like as possible.

They were dressed in period clothing and posed to make 3D images, which were then turned into foam and clay – and sent back to the US.

The frieze is 60ft long and 10ft high

The sculptures were then sent back to Stroud – to cast in bronze.

The whole process took more than 10 years to complete.

Rungwe Kingdon, from the foundry, said it has been a “monumental effort” to complete the bronzing.

“You can’t do it at half the intensity that the artist does it – you have to match.”

Mr Howard said the team has “succeeded brilliantly”.

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