Preview: Aircraft Weapons Of World War One

Published: 5 May 2024

By American Rifleman Staff
via the American Rifleman website

Forward firing machine guns

In a rich collection of images, all organized into chapters highlighting different types of aircraft, armament and ordnance, author Tom Laemlein provides an exciting window into the infancy of aerial combat in Aircraft Weapons Of World War One: A Photo Study Of Aerial Ordnance In The Great War.

Spread out across 160 pages are hundreds of images from both the Allied and Central powers, detailing the kinds of firearms used as aircraft eventually evolved into finely tuned military machines dogfighting over the trenches of the Western Front. Too, the men who flew these dangerous aircraft are highlighted throughout the pages, with one chapter focusing exclusively on gunnery training.

It’s in these pages where unexpected arms show up, as aerial gunners honed their target-leading skills with games of trap using commonly available shotguns. Bombs, grenades and recoilless rifles are detailed at the back of the book, illustrating unique and remarkable moments as men practiced their military craft.

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