Honoring Norwalk, CT World War I women

Published: 1 November 2022

via the Norwalk, CT The Heroes web site

Norwalk Cannon


On the base of the cannon at Norwalk Town Green, in an inconspicuous corner on one of the plaques, is a short list of women who served in WWI. They were nurses with the Army or Red Cross. While none died in the line of duty, their stories need to be told.

The first world war entailed horrific conditions and injuries to those who fought. The recovery from that action was often times led by women like those on this list who volunteered to be there.

CT Women in WWI

Enid Capwell Allen

Passport photo included with her husband’s passport application in 1921

December 5, 1888 (Brooklyn, NY) – July 25, 1973 (Stamford, CT); 84 years old
Last local addresses: Hilltop Road (1940 census)
Married to Douglas E. Nash [1890-1972] on March 29, 1921 in Norwalk, CT.
Two sons, Benjamin C. [1922-1978] and Richard E. [1924-1976]. One daughter, Enid L. Nash Gould [1927-2005].

Born to William H. [1847-1889] and Julia B. Capwell Allen [1854-1892]. One brother, Albert C. [1880-1945].

Enid Allen worked as a Social Worker for the YMCA. She was fluent in French and was assigned to France on January 10, 1918. She was then assigned to Germany in December 1918.

She retired on July 22, 1919. Her card said she was cited by the 3rd Division.


April 16, 1894 (New York City) – July 25, 1964 (Rhinebeck, NY); 70 years old
Last local addresses: 9 Strawberry Hill Avenue (1910 census) and 6 Harriet Street, Norwalk
Hazel Ball never married

Born to Winfield S. [1870-1903] and Margaret Mortimer Ball [1871-1932]. Two sisters, Ethel [1897-?] and Alida E. Ball Wilson [1903-1991].

Graduated from Norwalk High School, Class of 1913.

Called into active service on November 1, 1918. Served at Camp Merritt, New Jersey until she was relieved from active duty on November 19, 1919.

She was also a retired school teacher from William Cullen Bryant HS, Long Island City, NY.

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