Discovering the Magnificent “Dixie Doughboy”

Published: 4 December 2023

By Mike Hanlon
via the Roads to the Great War web site


The life-size bronze “Dixie Doughboy,” honoring the men of the 31st Division of the AEF, was completed by sculptor Charles E. Smith in 2010 and dedicated that Armistice/Veterans Day that year at Merritt Island, Florida’s Veterans Memorial Center. The Dixie Division included many of the 33,000 Floridians who served under General Pershing’s command in France.

In 2021, the same molds were used to create a second Dixie Doughboy for Vero Beach, Florida. It is located at the community’s Veterans Memorial Island Sanctuary. The sanctuary, which opened in 1964, holds a number of tributes to the veterans of America’s numerous wars.


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