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The Daily Taps Program

Remember and Honor those who served with a personalized sounding of Taps.

Every day without fail, at 5pm Eastern, Taps sounds at the National World War I Memorial in honor of our nation’s heroes.

This unique Daily Taps Ceremony pays tribute to all who have served in the armed forces of the United States, and those who perished in the ‘war that changed the world.’

So that these heroes are never forgotten, the Daily Taps Program offers a unique opportunity to dedicate a personalized sounding of Taps for your loved veteran, on a day of your choosing.

How to Reserve Your Taps Dedication


Select a date for your Ceremony.


Choose ceremony frequency: Annual or One-Time.


Tell us a little bit about your Honoree.


Make a donation which helps to keep the program going. Then Submit!


We will be in touch to confirm your reservation.

You Will Receive

A personalized YouTube livestream of Taps sounded live from the National World War I Memorial in Washington DC on your scheduled date. And a certificate suitable for framing to memorialize the day for your family forever.

View, share and rewatch your dedication any time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Taps?2024-03-18T00:42:19-04:00

“Taps” is a bugle call originally sounded as a signal for “lights out” at the end of a military day, and during patriotic memorial ceremonies and military funerals conducted by the United States Armed Forces. Of all the military bugle calls, none is so easily recognized or more emotionally touching than Taps. Today, the 24 mournful notes comprising this call are sounded to honor the memory of members of all five branches of the armed forces;: and to remember those who gave their lives in the service of the United States.

How does my Taps donation help our veterans?2024-03-18T00:42:27-04:00

At the Doughboy Foundation, our mission is to keep faith with the American Doughboy and all those that have answered our nation’s call. Our programs are designed to protect our future by remembering our past. 

Your donation ensures our ability to continue this important work for years to come.

Is my donation tax deductible?2024-03-18T00:42:52-04:00

Your donation may be tax deductible.  Check with your financial advisor.

Taps is presented in cooperation with Taps For Veterans.

Can my Taps Ceremony recur annually?2024-03-18T00:43:08-04:00


We would be honored to sound Taps for your loved one each year on the selected date of your choosing for many years to come. To do so, please select Annual Ceremony at checkout. Book your Taps Memorial now.

*Original form of payment will be charged annually for booking.

Why choose an annual reservation vs one-time?2024-03-18T00:43:23-04:00

Booking your reservation as an annual sounding will guarantee (or block out) your date of choosing for years to come.

Annual reservations include a cancellation policy.

*Note that annual charges recur each year on the same date of your reservation submission.

When do I get charged for my reservation?2024-03-18T00:43:45-04:00

Daily Taps donations are processed the day of booking when utilizing PayPal and credit card forms of payment.

For recurring Annual Taps reservations, donations are processed the day of booking (and this same date the following years) when utilizing PayPal and credit card forms of payment. (For example, an Annual reservation made on March 06, 2024 would process the same day. Then billed again each year on March 06.)

How do I cancel my Annual Taps Reservation?2024-03-18T00:43:56-04:00

To cancel an Annual Taps Reservations, please contact us within 30-days of the most recent sounding at [email protected].

*The cancellation will apply to all future IHO Anniversary Dates and that date will be release for others to reserve. View cancellation policy.

As we honor them, let us renew our pledge

To protect our future by remembering our past.

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As the Founding sponsor of Daily Taps, the Gary Sinise Foundation underscores its mission to “always do a little more” for those who serve. For 40 years, award-winning actor and humanitarian Gary Sinise has stood as an advocate on behalf of America’s defenders.

Daily Taps is the ideal embodiment of Gary’s determination to “honor America’s heroes and their loved ones 365 days a year.”

Meet Our Buglers

Recruited by Taps for Veterans, the buglers who sound our “National Song of Remembrance” include many former military musicians dedicated to the cause of freedom and the commitment it demands.

Jari Villanueva

Jari Villanueva, one of our nation’s foremost experts on military bugle calls, leads this effort. Having sounded the first Daily Taps on November 11, 2021, Jari organized the corps of buglers who honor all American service members and veterans, rain or shine.

Daniel Sharp

Former U.S. Navy Surface Warfare officer Daniel Sharp personifies the determination that maintains this tradition in all conditions.

Matthew Barker

“As a professional musician, nothing is more humbling than playing Taps.”
– Matthew Barker, Daily Taps bugler


Interested in Becoming a Daily Taps Program Sponsor?

You will honor all Americans who have served and sacrificed for the cause of freedom by helping us establish this moving ceremony in perpetuity. Please contact [email protected]

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