Black History Month celebration honors Dr. Frank Boston, an African American WWI hero, with recognition to young artists

Published: 8 February 2024

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Community members gathered for a fundraiser to support a documentary about Dr. Frank Boston. (Photo courtesy of Boston Legacy Foundation)

Fundraiser aids planned documentary film about Lansdale, PA doctor

LANSDALE — The Boston Legacy Foundation acknowledging the story of Dr. Frank Boston as inspiring the next generation of leaders this week honored three young African American women for their achievements. The three were recognized and received citations from Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick at a fundraiser to support the Dr. Frank Boston documentary film project.

The event was held at the HealthSpark offices on Broad Street, which is officially dedicated in honor of Dr. Boston, as Dr. Boston was the founder of Elm Terrace Hospital, which was later renamed Lansdale Hospital. The sale of Lansdale Hospital then funded the endowment for HealthSpark Foundation.

Therefore, holding the event at this location was fitting, added Vernessa Hopkins, who helped serve as emcee for the event.

Local artists Mikey Houser (left), Taylore Hopkins (center) and Sophie Sow representing Oulimata Sow were recently recognized by the Boston Legacy Foundation for their efforts to publicize the life story of Lansdale doctor Frank Boston. (Photo courtesy of Boston Legacy Foundation)

George Whitehair, executive director of the Boston Legacy Foundation, expressed his gratitude for the financial support that has been pledged to help their effort.

When the project was first initiated over three years ago, they had no idea how far they would go to bring Dr. Boston’s story and his legacy back to life,  Whitehair said. To consolidate all their achievements, the documentary film will help give Dr. Boston a permanent and well-deserved place in history.

Some of the key financial supporters include Syed Afzal, the Afzal Family Foundation, Jefferson Health, and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Benefit and Diversity Committee. Furthermore, the event was catered by Chip Chipper and AAA Catering.

The honorees included young artist Mikey Houser, who created the illustrations for a new booklet titled “Doc Boston Adventure — Fort Des Moines.” Mikey is only nine years old, and her success represents the opportunities made possible by trailblazers like Dr. Boston.

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