ARNSF features presentation on change management through the lens of WWI

Published: 18 January 2024

via the Arthur D. Simons Center for Ethical Leadership and Interagency Cooperation website

ARNSF luncheon features WWI theme

The Command and General Staff College (CGSC) Foundation’s Simons Center kicked off the new year with an Arter-Rowland National Security Forum luncheon event on Jan. 18, 2024, at the Carriage Club in Kansas City, MO.

Col. (Ret.) Rolly Dessert provides a presentation on change management using the historical backdrop of Gen. John J. Pershing’s efforts to organize the U.S. Army for World War I during the Arter-Rowland National Security Forum luncheon event on Jan. 18, 2024, at the Carriage Club in Kansas City.

Simons Center Director Bob Ulin welcomed the ARNSF members and welcomed guests. After lunch, he introduced the guest speaker Col. (Ret.) Rolly Dessert. Dessert provided the group with a presentation on “Managing Change in a Complex Environment” using the lens of General John J. Pershing in World War I. Pershing built the American Expeditionary Force from the U.S. Army of 141,000 to a combat force of more than 4 million and led it to victory over the German Army in only 18 months.

Using Pershing’s experiences as the backdrop, Dessert walked the members of the forum through managing change by:

• Establishing a sense of urgency in the face of crisis and opportunity
• Getting the right people to work together as a team to lead change
• Creating and communicating a vision to help direct the change effort
• Empowering broad-based action by changing systems and eliminating obstacles


After the presentation and a question and answer period, Ulin presented Dessert with a new CGSC/Simons Center coffee mug in appreciation for his time with the Forum.

Read more on the Simons Center website here:

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