Thank you to all our donors for keeping the memory of WWI and all those who served alive.

Kathleen Abbott-Mayer - In Honor Of: James Alfred Marsh
Bryan Acree - In Honor Of: John Pleasant Acree
Georgia Allison
Pamela Baxter - In Honor Of: Pvt Daniel Baxter, 167 Inf. 42nd Div. 9/14/1918
James Bonk - In Honor Of: James I. Bonk Sr. - World War I Disabled Veteran
Matt Borders
J. Robert Bradshaw
Sherrill Brown
Maryanne Burgess - In Honor Of: Mose Rutues Sr.
Kevin Cale
Sarah Carr
Chris Christopher
Diana Cole - In Honor Of: Major Edward B. Cole
James Columbia - In Honor Of: Thurman Lee Kissick
Matt Conner - In Honor Of: Frank Ellsworth Gardner
Susan Curley - In Honor Of: Belleau Woods
John Currie - In Honor Of: Eugene Rusell Currie
Dee Daly
Russell Dannecker - In Honor Of: Joseph Najjar
Cindy Day
Daniel Dayton
Philip DeCarlo - In Honor Of: Jack DeCarlo
Dolph Denny - In Honor Of: Pvt Gib Bracken, KIA ,10-10-1918, Romagne sous Montfaucon
Bev and Shaun Fitzpatrick
Garnette Fletcher
Thomas Fosnacht - In Honor Of: Wagoner Henry S. Fosnacht, 103rd AT, 28th Div (PA NG)
Julien Freeman - In Honor Of: Colonel Bruce Ferrell
Donna Freundlich - In Honor Of: Norman P.
Janice Gavern - In Honor Of: Gladys Watkins American Legion Post 550
Brian Giganti
Edward Gilhooly - In Honor Of: Private John G. Gilhooly, U.S.M.C.
John Guerrero - In Honor Of: Native American Soldier
Randolph Guevara - In Honor Of: Alvin Burns Callander
Janet Hallahan - In Honor Of: William Henry Hallahan Jr.
Brian Harkins
Edward Hawfield - In Honor Of: Edward M Hardin, 30th Division WWI
Nan Heard - In Honor Of: Alvin Bernson and Walter Heard
Elaine Hedlund - In Honor Of: Thomas F. Moore
Jay C Hess - In Honor Of: Elmer Criddle
David Higgins - In Honor Of: Cpl. Frank J. Quigley-304th Engineers-79th Division
Sheila Higgins - In Honor Of: Jesse Chase Higgins
Edward Horton - In Honor Of: Pvt. William R. Clark
Halsey Hughes - In Honor Of: Lyman H Treadway
Steven Hughes
Jenniffer Jack
Margaret Jacobson - In Honor Of: Robert B. Jamieson
Christopher Jahnke - In Honor Of: Carl Otto Herman Jahnke
Jacob Johnson
Christopher Johnson - In Honor Of: Carl D. Johnson, US Army
Geoffrey Jolley
Margaret Kane - In Honor Of: Maj. Charles Douglas Kayser, MD
Linann K Knodel Duren - In Honor Of: Robert E Knodel. Pauline M Knodel Straka. Fr Joseph A Duehren. Johann E Duren
Jackie Krieger
Thelma Leenhouts
James Leichtung - In Honor Of: Second Lieutenant Hyman Freiberg
Paul Levit
William Linehan - In Honor Of: Garland Wright
Shannon Luck-Brillhart
Andrew Manson - In Honor Of: Frank L. Pitterle, Corp, 120 Machine Gun Battalion, 32nd Division
Steven Manson - In Honor Of: Frank Pitterle
Theo Mayer - In Honor Of: Jonas H. Mayer, U.S. Army Air Corps
Cidalina Maziarski - In Honor Of: Henry P Furtado
Joseph McElroy - In Honor Of: Frank Tronsor
James T McElwee - In Honor Of: John France
Fran McGinnis - In Honor Of: Francis McGinnis
James McHale - In Honor Of: Martin J. McHale, Battery B, 150 F.A. (Field Artillery), A.E.F.
Robert H. McLaughlin - In Honor Of: Frank Regan
Eliezer Millan III
Stephen Miller
Kris Miller - In Honor Of: Isaac Walter Miller
John Monroe
John H. Morrow, Jr. - In Honor Of: Thomas Davis, 368th RGT, 92d ID, DSC, October 30, 1918
Diane Moy
Lydon Neumann - In Honor Of: Lester A. Neumann
Libby O'Connell - In Honor Of: Gerald N. Stanton
Russell Orban - In Honor Of: Ike Skelton & Edward Orban
Anne Ostrom - In Honor Of: William Martin Wright
Tamara Parker - In Honor Of: In honor of the 62 Phoenix Indian School students who served in WWI
Bruce Patterson - In Honor Of: Sgt. Albert E Patterson, Co. D, 70th CA Regiment, AEF
Jeff Patton - In Honor Of: DeWitt Neal 90th Infantry Division
Matthew Payson - In Honor Of: Men of the US 103rd Infantry, 26th Division
Michael Porteus - In Honor Of: Corporal Birney Cook, 166th Infantry, 42nd Division
Karissa Povey
Karen Preston - In Honor Of: John Joseph Dalton
Wenjing Qiu - In Honor Of: 3473357301
Cara Reichel
D Anne Robinson
Constance Ruzich - In Honor Of: Tingle Woods Culbertson
Elizabeth Sampley - In Honor Of: John H. Friesner, Sr.
Mark Sandvigen - In Honor Of: PFC Patrick Costello
Paul Schenck - In Honor Of: Maj. Paul Debevoise 312th Inf Rgt 78th Div. France 1918
Melissa Seidel
Christopher Sempos - In Honor Of: Paul Rademacher
Sarah Shaffer
Rodney Shane - In Honor Of: William D. Shane, 79th Division, 314th
Steve Shulman - In Honor Of: Jean Waldman Shulman
Clive Siegle - In Honor Of: The Richland College Memorial Poppy Project
Jeanne Sojka
Jim Sotiropoulos - In Honor Of: The Fighting 69th
Mark Stachowski - In Honor Of: Matthew H. Stachowski, POW WW1
Kerry Stubbs
Julia Sweet - In Honor Of: Richard G Sweet
Michael Thompson - In Honor Of: My Great Uncle and third Cousin and wife's family member's wh0 also WW1 Vet's
Linda Underwood - In Honor Of: Michael A. Picciano, KIA 11/5/1917
Amery Vasso
Howard Walgren
Jay Williams
Debi Winkler - In Honor Of: William 'Willie' Lewke
Michele Witowski
Bruce Yelton - In Honor Of: Charles Yelton, 1st Infantry
Judith Zabdyr
Edna, Ellie & Thomas Zaleski - In Honor Of: Walter Klinger
Peter and Cynthia Ziebelman