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Please join us and toll “Bells of Peace” on 11/11 at 11am local time to honor all those who served and sacrificed in WWI.

In 2018 we launched the Bells of Peace initiative to create a national bell tolling at 11am local on 11/11 as a WWI Armistice Centennial remembrance. It was a major success, prompting us to promote "Bells of Peace" as an annual moment of remembrance on Veterans Day to reflect on "The War that Changed the World" and those who were changed by it.





The Bells of Peace Participation App

2020 bop app header The App does a number of things in support of those who participate in the annual Bells of Peace commemoration.

  • It provides a countdown timer to the 11th hour (local) of the 11th day of the 11 month. 
  • When the countdown timer reaches 00 00 00, the selected bell will toll 21 times, 5 seconds apart to remember those who served and sacrificed not just in WWI but all veterans of all wars. (SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SUCCESSFUL TOLLING)
  • If you have multiple devices open, they will all toll together no matter what bell sound has been selected.
  • Under the Share icon (camera), you can read and post pictures, videos and captions from your event to all other participants.
  • Under the Poppy icon you can learn more about the Doughboy Foundation and their mission
  • Under the MORE ... icon you will find a series of news and update articles about Bells of Peace and related topics. This includes video tutorials on using the App, how to hook into PA systems, news, tips and more.

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